Lindhof Stud

With the construction of our farm we tried to achieve three goals: first dto create the ideal sports environment, secondly the ideal breeding environment and last but not least to create a unique peace of architecture.


Depending on the weather you can choose to do your daily exercising in the impressive indoor-arena or outdoors in a beautiful park setting. To complement your training make use of the canter-trail or alternatively ride along our 6 km on-site trails. There is no need to consider traffic or restrictions by neighbours. Just enjoy the countryside! To complete the training complex we need to mention the round pen, the FÜHRANLAGE;  and the all-weather paddocks, that enable the horses  to regenerate outdoors regardless of the season.



How is Lindhof Stud different from other breeders? Our love for Hannoverian Horses becomes evident when you see our precious mares. They are unsurpassable in terms of character and quality. To ensure that the foals grow up to be healthy we pay much attention to their nutrition and a natural rearing. Lindhof Stud offers optimal conditions for horses to grow and develop, for example on our expansive pastures. In winter the youngsters find shelter in the stables that border large all-weather paddocks.


The complex

Where Lindhof Stud now stands there used to be a farm called  “Lindhof”. It can be traced back to the year 1741. In 1954 it was destroyed in a fire and the reconstruction was never completed. In 2002 the estate was acquired by its current owners who expanded it, who renovated the ponds and planted over 2000 trees and bushes.